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Poster: jonc Date: Feb 2, 2010 11:43pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Oh God, They Did It Again

1. I don't go search for these sort of reviews on purpose, I just come across them very often while looking for stuff to download.

My suggestion is that you ignore them.

2. I'm at home all day with disabilty and so I have nothing better to do than to look for videos to watch on IA.

I sympathize, I have a condition that has kept me confined for long periods in the past. But it's the world wide web, the Archive is just a tiny speck. There are other things to see and do.

3. Why does me disliking them matter so much to *you*? You seem very offended by this thread. Should I partly delete these posts? Would that make you happy?

Complaining about others' behavior is usually counter-productive and often flames the situation. But I guess I'm guilty here. :)

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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Feb 3, 2010 12:04am
Forum: movies Subject: Oh God, I Did It Again

OK, I'm sorry. I *am* a hypocrite, but I've been on the Internet since a I was a child and all I ever get is complaints. To me it seems everybody can do what they want except me, if I do what they do, it's me who gets told off, but never them. This applies with "real life" too. Everybody I know tells me off for doing the exact same things they do. I've have become bitter, and I've had enough....Sorry world, ok I'm sorry, I'M F***ING SORRY, WHAT CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY DID I DO THIS WEEK? It does not help that I've been waiting months for medication that works.

Oh God, I did it again, I've written another Off-Topic post about how angry, unhappy and annoyed I am with the world around me. This seems to happen every week.

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Poster: Corriander Date: Feb 3, 2010 7:41am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Oh God, I Did It Again

I think you realy need to learn to relax... :)